What are Rolex replica watches? What is the difference between authentic Rolex watches and Rolex replica watches? 

Of course, some differences between original Rolex watches and Rolex replica watches exist. First of all, Rolex replica watches might not include the same materials as original Rolex watches. While original Rolex watches are often made out of precious metals and gemstones, Rolex replica watches include high quality alloys and gem imitations only. Nevertheless, Rolex replica watches do look great.

The second difference is the price – Rolex replica watches are much cheaper than their original peers.


What quality do you have on your replicas?

 We only sell the best available. All steel watches are using 316L steel. We do not use 440L Steel. And no one use 440L on Replicas. What we have are the best you can find.

Why your price is low?

Low price does not mean lessor quality.First, We have low price because we buy from mfg direct. Second, We want to have small profits but quick returns. And third, We want to get more traffic now rather than more profits.

How long to ship to my country?

We will ship out your order within 48 Hours ( not include weekends), Shipping by Express(EMS) takes about 5-8 days to USA, UK, Canada, Australia,France etc. Italy, Germany, Egypt, APO address etc takes about 10 days.  Airmail takes about 10-20 days. 

What payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, Visa and Master Card. Money Gram and Western Union. 

Warranty and repairs

Every watch we guarantee for 1-year. Swiss watches 2-years. Under warranty repair for free. 

How much I have to pay for shipping?

We charge $25 for Express shipping to worldwide for 1-2 watches. And airmail $14 worldwide. 

How do I set the time?

In order to set time you will have to turn button in anti-clockwise direction, if your timepiece is a crew-in lock watch. The button must be pulled out a little bit very softly. This can be easily done with your first and second finger. Use finger knuckle as a lever to pull the button out. Use as little force as possible. You will feel a little “click”. After you have done this, set the time by turning the button anti-clockwise. Turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. After this push the button back by turning it clockwise for a few rounds.

How do I change the date?

You can change date very easily. If your Rolex replica watch features a screw-in button, than do the following: turn the button in anti-clockwise direction until it is loose and pull it softly using your thumb nail and your first finger nail. This must be done softly, without force. You will feel a “click”. Set the date or day and then the local. To set date, turn the button in one direction. Then push back the button and wind it clockwise for a few times. No need to lock the button.

How to set a GMT Watch?


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